The Key To Finding The Best Foundation

so that you can avoid another makeup nightmare is to use Beyond The Literal's helpful guides and tutorials.

Avoid The Makeup Nightmares.

Learn How To Shop & Apply Makeup For Yourself.

Color Matching Foundation Workshop

Find the best foundation (so you can avoid the makeup nightmares) with the helpful guides and tutorials provided by Beyond The Literal

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Best Foundation Reviews


Identify the best foundation for you with makeup reviews to help guide you with color matching, formulas, and more.

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Identify how to purchase the best foundation by learning how to find the right color for you in this (free for a limited time) live workshop.

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Makeup For Beginners


Step-by-step makeup tutorials on how to overcome your current makeup struggles.

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Hi! I'm Naomi.


Hi Beautiful! My name is Naomi Robles.
I have grown up in the beauty industry. Listening to the daily struggles women face. Understanding the constant pressure to achieve beauty and yet no real direction or guidance.
"I'll slap it on" makeup mentally is one most young girls witness growing up and apply for themselves they grow up.
Yet, deep down searching for a better understanding of how to create a natural makeup look without looking like you're wearing "a mask of makeup."
The makeup conversation can feel silly, overwhelming, and to some, pretentious. And yet, I've never met a woman who didn't want to feel natural and confident in her own skin. That is why I love teaching women how to apply makeup in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

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Joslynn Peterson

"I have always been nervous about make-up I never felt comfortable doing it on my own. Naomi made me feel confident in myself."

Shirley Mitchell

"It’s leaps beyond watching YouTube videos. Naomi will help give you confidence in your own makeup skills

Angie Birman

"Naomi is such a warm and kind-hearted person- our virtual session felt like reconnecting with an old friend! Somehow she matched my exact shade of foundation/concealer based on a phone video."

Meagan Martin

"Naomi is a wonderful teacher! I learned how to easily and efficiently.

Isabel Pineo

"Naomi broke things down step by step which made it easy to master each step without getting overwhelmed."

Mary Meck

"Beyond The Literal is an absolutely amazing way to learn to do your own makeup virtually! Naomi taught me to do my makeup in a way that I felt empowered and confident."

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