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Hi, my name is Naomi Robles. I'm a makeup artist with over 17 years of experience working in the beauty industry.

I've worked on television shows, reality TV shows, commercials, magazines, and music videos. Now, my focus is on teaching businesswomen how to shop for and apply makeup so they can feel more confident in their professional lives. I'm passionate about helping women grow their businesses by elevating their personal brands. When a woman feels like a million bucks, she can 10x her business and growth potential! Having worked with women of all ages, races, and backgrounds, the takeaway I've learned from these interactions is that every woman wants to feel beautiful.

And as a professional makeup artist, I've witnessed the transformation of women with and without makeup. After working together, I would often question why she didn't feel like she could do this for herself? So I asked her. Time and time again, she heard the biggest struggle women face when sitting in the makeup chair: they felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed by makeup. The common sentence was "no one taught me how to apply makeup."

Since witnessing the transformation of so many women both in-person and teaching women virtually, I was driven to create something more than just a literal change. My goal is to help women find their confidence and feel like the best versions of themselves. I understand the emotional transformation that makeup can bring about in how you feel and show up in business.

This is why I created Beyond The Literal.

There's no question that makeup can be a powerful tool for businesswomen. We're marketing and selling on social media more than ever. By taking the time to learn how to shop for and apply makeup, you can elevate your personal brand, boost your confidence, and 10x your business growth potential. Whether you're looking to enhance your natural beauty in-person meeting or look like you just stepped out of a magazine for your next on-camera appearance, Beyond The Literal is your makeup resource.

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