Concealing Dark Circles: Simple, Tactical Steps for Women in Business

Aug 10, 2022

In business, image is everything. And while some women may feel like they have to wear a full face of makeup in order to look polished and professional, that's simply not the case. In this article, we'll teach you how to conceal your dark circles without looking overdone. We'll also share some simple tips for making your makeup routine more time-efficient. So whether you're headed to an important meeting or appearing on camera, these tips will help you look your best!


Dark Circles & Women In Business

Concealing dark circles can be a challenge, but it's important to do so in order to look your best. Many people view dark circles as a sign of fatigue or poor health. And while they may not be the most flattering feature, they can also be a sign of strength and resilience. After all, business is about more than just looking good. It's about feeling confident and putting your best foot forward. Now, let's jump into the steps you need to get started to concealing your dark circles.


Step 1: Eye Cream

The secret for any makeup artist is to start with prepping the eye area properly. Apply eye cream around the eye either with your fingers or brush. Avoid using a sponge to apply due to the formula causing you to waste product.

Apply your skincare in a thin layer and don't forget to warm up the product prior to blending it onto the skin.


How To Search For The Eye Cream In The Beauty Industry

If you have extremely sensitive eyes, ask for samples. Many of the leading beauty industry retailers or skincare professionals provide them.

If your eye cream is too creamy it can alter your foundation and concealer. Search for skincare that is gentle on your eyes and your makeup routine.


Step 2: Analyze The Dark Circle

Dark circles aren't one-size-fits-all, however, it could be said that you could stop the search after this tutorial. Why? Because concealer nor foundation is the answer.

Master the color wheel, and you master how to the correct coverage and hide any dark circle for good. Why start with the color wheel? Simple, think of this as color corrector shade.


Pro Tip: Struggling Right Color Corrector?

A color corrector is the best way to hide dark circles without looking overdone. But many shades are too peach, orange, and yellow. Or the pigmentation of the formula is too creamy, or the tones can have too much pigment.

In order to find the right shade, first, you need to look at your skin. Your skin will determine not only the level of coverage but the pigmentation and the best formula.

Remember: The goal of a color corrector is to neutralize your dark circles.


Pro Tip: If You Have Extremely Thin Skin

You want to conceal using light coverage. The eye area is fine and requires a bit more attention to detail. However, it's important to mention that the inner corner area is the best friend.

Why? Because your dark circles need to be brightening effect, and the inner corner is exactly where your eye makeup application comes to play.


Step 3: How To Conceal Dark Circles With Concealer

Makeup is the magic wand of beauty. Now, that you know how to neutralize your dark circles using a color corrector, it's time for concealer.

Pro Tip: Depending on your skin tone, some concealers can have correct shade qualities.


How To Choose The Best Concealer

Concealer does not require full coverage, however, to cover or hide the dark circles you need at least a minimum of two shades.

The skin is complex and all skin tones require a bit of cool and warm shade. The eyes need a concealer with a formula that is light to medium coverage.

This helps you apply in thin layers and cover with ease.


How To Blend Under Eyes With Finger

Using your ring finger to blend under the eyes is a fast and easy way to apply concealer. Remember that the pigment (color) of the concealer has more coverage.

With a slight tapping motion, apply one of each concealer shade under the eyes and slightly towards the inner corners.


How To Blend Under Eyes Using A Brush Vs. Sponge

If you want to conceal your dark circles naturally, avoid using a sponge. A concealer brush over a sponge, any day of the week.

Sponges: Pick up more product off the skin. As you apply your concealer, you are also taking off.

Concealer Brush: Allow for easy blending, and depending on the hair used could create airbrush-like effects.


Step 4: Lighter Than Your Skin - Brightening

Now you know how to neutralize your dark circles and conceal them. It's time to brighten the eyes. Depending on your skin tone, the brightening shade can be an array of tones.

If your dark circles are more purple then apply a peach color. If your dark circles are blue, brighten the eye area with a yellow color.

PRO TIP: Cream or liquid makeup is best for the eye area.


How To Find The Best Brightening Concealer

Start considering the overall makeup look. How will you apply your eye makeup for example?

Keep it simple and search for other makeup looks that inspire you. This is a free and cool way to stay in the beauty industry tends without feeling overwhelmed.

Brighten the under-eye with a shade that is related to the color palette you will be working with. Yellow & Orange brightening products are used in the beauty industry to represent warmth, glow, and lite from within vibes.

However, if you have purple and blue pigment see coming through your makeup, skip the brightening step and focus on concealing.


Step 5: Setting Your Dark Circles

Depending on the makeup you've used and your skin type, setting your dark circles is key.

Setting Powder VS. Powder

Most setting powder is lighter in coverage and allows the skin to still have a bit of glow.

Powder isn't one-size-fits-all, like everything in makeup and the beauty industry. Here's a menu of options.

Foundation Powder: Provides fuller coverage. They can be heavy on the skin and require a light application.

PRO TIP: Be mindful of foundation powders because they can enhance the appearance of fine lines on the skin. If you need more coverage, use cream concealer on the under-eye.

Brightening Powder: Shades like these are fine and provide lighter coverage. The pigmentation tends to be with shades that are warmer like peach, yellow, or orange.


Must Site: Rest & Sleep

It seems obvious, however, rest & sleep will help not only improve your skin, dark circles, and hair but allows you to wear less concealer.

A concealer is a secret tool, but the best concealer is the one that comes naturally. Diet, self-care, water, and rest are essential to any makeup routine.


Makeup Guide Step-By-Step: How To Conceal Dark Circles

  1. Put eye cream under the eyes using ring fingers.
  2. Use a color corrector to neutralize dark circles
  3. With a concealer that matches your skin tone, blend on top.
  4. If you want to brighten the eyes, use a light creamy color on the skin.
  5. The makeup artist secret is to blend these colors together on the skin until it creates a flawless finish.
  6. Avoid powder until conceal dark circles.
  7. Blend powder with a soft hair makeup tool or sponge.

Dark circles can make you look tired, stressed, and older

In business, looking your best is essential - from in-person meetings to on-camera interviews. In this article, we've provided simple steps for concealing dark circles using natural makeup techniques. By following these tips, you'll be able to brighten and conceal your under-eye area easily and naturally.




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